Maggie Bollenbacher


Maggie Bollenbacher



Maggie is originally from Illinois, but has lived in St. Louis, Wyoming, and Colorado. Maggie is a graduate of Saint Louis University. She recently moved to her husband’s hometown of Maria Stein.

Favorite food: Depends on the day! Usually, Chicago pizza and anything chocolate
People she admires: Husband, parents, and brothers
Favorite movies: The Godfather, Good Will Hunting
Preferred Music: James Taylor, John Mayer, Country music
Favorite professional teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Blackhawks
Vacation Destination: Skiing in Colorado with family, the beach or lake in the Summer
Hobbies: Playing with her 2 dogs, hiking, and fishing
If I didn’t work in the therapy field, I would: work with dogs
Fun Fact: Maggie has broken 6 bones….but only needed PT once!