Jacqui Broering


Jacqui Broering



Jacqui is the oldest of five children and was raised on a grain and dairy/swine farm in Darke County. She is a graduate of Findlay University and graduated from Ansonia High School. She and her husband, Doug, raise their 2 boys and 2 girls in rural Coldwater.

Favorite food: Mexican & Seafood
People she admires: Grandparents
Favorite movie(s): Shawshank Redemption
Preferred music: I’d rather listen to podcasts
Favorite college or professional team(s): I’d rather watch my kids play sports
Vacation destination: Hiking or Tropical
Hobbies: Running, photography, cooking, traveling
If I didn’t work in the therapy field, I would: be a Podiatrist
Fun fact: Jacqui’s mother is from Canada.